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HP Privacy Settings

Problem & Goal

With the fragmented array of HP software applications on an HP device or the Windows Store, it becomes far too much to expect a user to be able to keep up with their privacy decisions in each. We wanted to create a single location that distills all of the user's privacy decisions with HP down into a few, easy-to-understand choices in a single application.


I worked with the Privacy team, Product Manager, and Engineer to develop this product. It's a rather simple application, and intentionally so. The user can toggle their choices on what data they share back to HP.

After HP JumpStart, this is the first app that I personally worked on that carried over our newly established (and still evolving) design system. With components and styles already built, development of this application was much quicker and less painful, already proving the value of the design system.

This application is an extension of a design that I'd already completed for HP JumpStart. We were able to leverage the knowledge we gained through user testing and research in that project here. In those tests, we learned how users feel about sharing their data with a company like HP, what changes we could make to the text and interface that made them more comfortable sharing their data, and really gauged their sentiment around an application like this.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about the process, research, and results of the project, please reach out and I'd be happy to share.

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